Imbolc (2018)

I’m uploading this a bit late πŸ˜‚ oops..

This year, I am kicking my spiritual practice into gear, big time. Paganism is an experiential tradition, and very few of my experiences include formal group rituals. Not that this is a requirement, but I feel that it’s important to experiment more, to learn and grow from our magical encounters.

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Mordred’s Lullaby

Song: Mordred’s Lullaby
Artist: Heather Dale

I love a song that tells a story, and Heather Dale has her storytelling abilities on point in this dark Celtic tale of incest and adultery. Told from the point of view of a Witch and the half-sister of King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, this song explores the relationship between her and her son, Mordred. Continue reading “Mordred’s Lullaby”