The Magic Ankh is a place of learning.

You will find articles here concerning various Pagan topics. The more I read and practice, the more I will be able to share with you. For starters, let me introduce you to some of the categories that I plan to have:

  • Craven Wench – A segment dedicated to Pagan-inclined food and drink, perfect for fuelling mind, body, and spirit.
  • Daze of the Week – A weekly periodical, sharing Earth-centric crafts that others have made.
  • Every Witch Day – A daily periodical, explaining the magical significance of days from cultures across the globe.
  • In the Green – Summertime posts about my adventures as Maman Pigeon, photographing landscapes, pestering wildlife, and scoping out potential ritual spots for my fellow Londoners.
  • Orbital Spin – A monthly (maybe) post of dissertation length, giving an in-depth understanding of some random topic.
  • Quill Work – Poetry, prayers, and other written excerpts of Pagan lore.
  • Shard of Glass – A collection of miscellaneous musings, including a TLDR for those of us with less time on our hands.
  • Sounds of Heka – Songs, prayers, spoken word, meditations, and all that other good stuff. So basically Quill Work, but with sound.
  • The Besom, The Witch, and The Closet – How to follow your path undercover
  • The Dail-I-Ching – A series of articles, exploring the 64 hexagrams of this famous divination tool. (Pronounce as Daily Ching)
  • Through the Looking Horus – A peak into my life, lumped together with my thoughts and opinions on various topics.