Hail and Welcome to The Magic Ankh!

The Ankh is the Ancient Egyptian representation of Life. It unites the feminine energies with the masculine, culminating in a perfect balance of hot and cold, dark and light, thought and action.

When I decided on the name “The Magic Ankh”, initially it was just because it sounded nice (can you blame me?!). But it grew to have an entirely different meaning. Ankh is Life. By sharing this site with the world, I am inviting all of you to create your own “Magic Ankh” with me. No matter how long your hours are, spend a few moments (if you so choose) to learn as I learn, hear what I do, and perhaps, respond with some insights of your own.

There are many courses and books out there about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, and the like. But what about those who simply cannot afford to invest in these? It’s easy to find paid materials on specialised topics such as Kemetic Yoga or Ascended Numerology, but does that mean information and knowledge should be limited to only those who can afford it? Even if that is not the intention, it becomes the result. Yes, we should all be able to make a living through our works, but where possible, I think it is important that we give back as well.

The Magic Ankh is my way of giving back. I want to emphasise now – I’m no esteemed witch with decades behind her, and I’m High Priestess of none. I don’t have any published books, peer-reviewed articles, and quite honestly, I let my practice slip from my mind a little too often for my own comfort! Nonetheless, I’m here, writing what I know, knowing that I can afford what many may not be able to, and then posting about it here, so others can learn as I do. I want all topics, as many as I can write about, to be available here for free, so that people can gain the knowledge they need.

So, care to join me on my quest for knowledge?

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

– Violet